Monday, 16 May 2011

Newport style baby.

I have decided to emphasis the casual comfy!
Seeing as the current fashion market is targetting confidence I thought I would show you my summers cumfy finest!
Styling a army green tanker up with a mellow pair of stone washed shorts elongates your body and accentuates your curvier! An outfit like these needs to be styled minimal as you don’t want to over accessories, remember only have one statement piece (in this case the shoes)!!
I have styled this outfit up with brown and neutral colours... simple but effective Also a splach of vibrant yellow highlights your curves and shows a more colourful side to you!! It is essential that you Remember to match the shoes well …I have gone with a pair of edgy wedges that elongate your legs and make you stand tall... these are fairly cheap about £15 from new look.
This outfit is ideal for casual strolling or a night out!

Suits all body types LOVE YOURSELF!


  1. Necklace: PDSA Charity shop £2
  2. Shoes: Newlook £15
  3. Green tanker :Topman £1.80
  4. Yellow tank: Oxfam £2.50
Outfit cost £21.30


  1. I adore those wedges. I'm Rosie's flatmate at Uni, she sent me the link to your blog - yay fashion blogs! c: xx